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People crossing the street to get to an event in Downtown Bartlesville.


Why Downtown Matters


Downtown is a symbol of:

  • Local quality of life
  • Community economic health
  • Community pride
  • Community history
  • Partnership between the private and public sector

Downtown is a vital recruiting tool for new businesses, residents and employees. Downtown represents independent businesses which:

  • Support local families
  • Support local community projects
  • Keep profits in town

Downtown is a major employer, with 6 of the 12 largest employers in Bartlesville located here.

Downtown infrastructure is a major public investment.

Downtown revitalization protects property values in surrounding residential neighborhoods.

Downtown rehabilitation work stimulates the local economy.

Downtown serves as a central public space for the city, drawing people from all segments of the community for parades, festivals, speeches, and other civic events.

Downtown is a tourist attraction, with its unique architecture and history.

Downtown is where the arts and culture thrive.

Downtown is the heart of our community.

Historic Bartlesville

Downtown is where it all started. Learn more about Bartlesville history.  >> more


mage of the Price Tower through the hood of an old blue car at the Oldies and Goodies car show in Downtown Bartlesville.

Tourists learning about the history of the Nellie Johnstone in Historic Downtown Bartlesville.

A view of Downtown Bartlesville in the summer from Chamber Park.