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Downtown Bartlesville design team member holds a ladder up against a building for the man climbing it.


Design Committee

What does the Design Committee do?

Members of the Design Committee are dedicated to improving the appearance of downtown Bartlesville through good design principles and the preservation of Downtown Bartlesville’s historic character. We assist owners of residences and commercial buildings through the initial steps in designing and preserving their buildings.

What can we do for you?

The Design Committee provides design consultation to business and property owners in the downtown business district. We provide a host of services - all free of charge - including: § Provide conceptual plans for façade upgrades and rehabilitations, store layout, visual display and merchandising, signage, exterior lighting and landscaping.

  • Set up consultations with the Oklahoma Main Street Center’s architect and interior designer.
  • Answer general historic preservation questions, as well as answer specific questions on preserving or restoring your building’s historic features.
  • Identify appropriate financial incentive opportunities to help you fund your project.
  • Direct you to the proper resources for building permits, zoning, design guidelines, code enforcement, and fire safety ordinances.
  • Direct you to resources on building materials, contractors and vendors.
  • Provide educational workshops about good design principles using the Main Street™ approach.
  • Communicate with business and property owners and the public at large in order to understand community needs, thus helping to guide future growth and shape regulations that reflect the community.

To schedule an appointment with someone from the Design Committee or to find out more about our services, please contact Linda Robertson, Design Chair, at 918.214.8500 ext 1, or email us at .

Who is the Design Committee?

The Design Committee is made up of professionals in the areas of exterior and interior design, regulatory requirements, and project planning. We voluntarily offer our skills to improve the visual appeal of downtown Bartlesville. Current members include:

  • Linda Robertson (Chair), 918.214.8500 ext. 1.  Exterior & interior design, window design.
  • Steve Munkirs, architect.
  • Rudy Geissler, engineer, project manager, and local historian.
  • Sharon Hurst, planning & regulatory requirements.
  • Debbie Neece, historic research and documentation.

Want to help on the Design Committee?

The Design Committee welcomes anyone who shares Main Street Bartlesville's vision to improve Downtown Bartlesville. Some of our current projects include:

  • Providing design assistance to downtown Business and Property Owners.
  • Finding solutions to downtown landscape maintenance and improved streetscape design.
  • Developing a portfolio of signs and awnings.

Our committee meets on the 1st Monday of every month at 6:00 pm, at the Main Street office (312 S Johnstone Ave). Contact us at  to find out more.

Mural painted on the side of a building in Downtown Bartlesville.

Redesigned interior of a downtown business in Bartlesville.

Painting of McCoy Jewelers storefront in Downtown Bartlesville.