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Downtown Landscaping

Main Street Bartlesville continues to take the lead in finding a solution to downtown landscape issues. In 2014, we commissioned Tulsa-based urban landscape architects Howell & Vancuren to develop a downtown landscape design that was attractive and low-maintenance, and also addressed downtown business and property owners' concerns.  View or download the final Howell & Vancuren report below.

In 2016, Main Street Bartlesville was tasked by the City Council to find a solution to downtown landscaping and bring back a plan by May 1st for their consideration and approval.  For the past 4 months, members of the Landscape Sub-Committee have been diligently working to develp such a plan.  What can be done to maintain the landscaping?  Who will do it, and who will pay for it?  How will it be managed?  And finally, how will the Howell & Vancuren design plan be implemented?

The proposed Landscape Plan will be presented to the City Council on May 16th.  You can view and download the Landscape Plan report and presentation below. 

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H&V Artist Rendering