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A woman wraps up vegetables at the Bartlesville Farmers Market.


Living in Downtown Bartlesville

Want to live in a place where everything you need is within walking distance? Interested in loft living, or in an apartment that overlooks downtown streets? Downtown Bartlesville is not just a great place to shop, work and play; it's also a wonderful place to live. Check out all of the options in Bartlesville, and make Downtown your home!


Living downtown is the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, putting shopping, entertainment, and activities all within walking distance.  >> more



From auto repair and grocery stores to legal, banking, printing and government services, Downtown Bartlesville provides the full roster. Find out where to go for the everyday services of life.  >> more



Public parking in downtown Bartlesville is free and can be found on every street. If you are looking for contract monthly parking, see the following listing.  >> more


A couple walks through the streets of downtown Bartlesville window shopping.

A residential couple of downtown Bartlesville walk their dog through the park.