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Main Street Bartlesville has information and resources to help grow your business, improve your property, or help you relocate to downtown. Email for more information.

Links to our partners and other resources are listed below:


Downtown Data

Downtown Data gives you the information you want to know about Downtown Bartlesville.  >> more


Who's Who in Downtown Redevelopment

"Who are all these organizations and what do they do?"   At Main Street Bartlesville, we hear that question all the time.  The number of organizations and government agencies involved in downtown redevelopment can be overwhelming and just plain confusing!  To help you understand who these entities are and what they do, Main Street Bartlesville presents "Who's Who in Downtown Redevelopment".  This listing will help you understand who are the major players in revitalizing downtown (including their acronyms!), what do they do and how do they relate to each other.    >> more


Master Plans & Strategic Studies

Master Plans and Strategic Studies  >> more


Downtown Landscaping

Main Street Bartlesville continues to take the lead in finding a solution to downtown landscape issues. In 2014, we commissioned Tulsa-based urban landscape architects Howell & Vancuren to develop a downtown landscape design that was attractive and low-maintenance, and also addressed downtown business and property owners' concerns.  In 2016, Main Street Bartlesville tackles the issue of landscape maintenance.  What can be done to maintain the landscaping already in place?  Who will do it, and who will pay for it?  How will it be managed?  And finally, how will the Howell & Vancuren design plan be implemented?  >> more


Downtown Green Space & Public Amenities

Main Street Bartlesville (MSB) is working with downtown stakeholders to develop a comprehensive Public Green Space & Amenities plan for downtown Bartlesville.  Over the past few months MSB, in conjunction with numerous groups and individuals involved in downtown, have developed a conceptual plan.  >> more